Selling to the Roving Radish

If you are interested in selling to the Roving Radish please email to be added to our producer’s email list.  Each week on Monday at noon all farms on our producers’ email list will receive an email with the products that we are looking to purchase. If your farm has any of these products that you would like to sell to the Roving Radish please respond by noon on Wednesday to the email listing the quantity of produce you would have and price. If you cannot provide the full amount of a given product listed on the producers’ email, please indicate how much you can provide. We often buy from multiple farms in order to fulfill our produce needs. We will confirm all our orders by 1 pm Wednesday. 

For a list of all proteins and produce needed please click below:

2024 Farm Produce Needs

2024 Farm Protein Needs

Pricing and Invoicing

The price we pay for produce is between retail and wholesale price.  Please provide an invoice with description of the product, quantity of product, price of product, farm name, address, phone number, email and contact name.  It is preferred to pay farms by direct deposit or check.  In order to receive a check or direct payment from us a vendor form and W-9 must be filled out and emailed to  We do have the ability to pay with a credit card if you are not set up as a vendor.

Roving Radish New Vendor Form

W-9 Form

Delivery of Products

Products can be delivered anytime on Saturday and Sunday or by 8 am Monday. On Saturday and Sunday staff might not be present to receive the product and you will be given a code to enter the back door of the kitchen and can place the product in the refrigerator, freezer or table depending on the product. The Roving Radish Kitchen address is 8775 Cloudleap Court Suite 2, Columbia, MD 21045. Please leave your invoice with your product. If you have any questions please email or call 410-313-3860 or 443-745-1058 (after hours number). 


NOTE: The Kitchen is under 24 hour video surveillance.