Our Mission

The mission of the Roving Radish is to promote healthy farm to table eating habits while creating a sustainable market for our local farms.

Goals of Roving Radish:


Promote healthy farm to table eating habits

Promote farm to table healthy eating habits in our community by providing affordable meal kits. The meal kits include two recipes to prepare two meals for a family of four with all the fresh produce and proteins needed sourced from local and regional farms. The produce will be prepare and packaged when possible and majority of ingredients provided to add to the convenience of the meal kit. The meal kits will be delivered to several locations throughout Howard County for pickup. These pickup locations are determined by their ease of access and food access needs of the community.


Support local farms

Our goal is to create sustainable new markets for local and regional farmers by purchasing produce and proteins from them for the Roving Radish meal kits. By having recipes pre-planned around growing seasons we can give advance notice to farmers of our produce and protein needs, giving them a secure source of income for that year. By creating a secure market for our local and regional farms we can allow them to grow and continue farming in our county and regionally.


Connecting our community

To connect our community in a common effort to support local farmers and supply healthy meals to our residents, especially those in need.


The Roving Radish is a Howard County Government program dedicated to promoting healthy farm to table eating habits to our community, while creating sustainable markets for our local and regional farms.

We achieve this by selling healthy meal kits, sourced from local and regional farms, to our community. The meal kits are made available to all Howard County residents, and are offered at a discounted price to those in need.