Tuesday, 1/18/22 1pm-7pm

Thursday, 1/20/22 12pm-6pm

Saturday, 1/22/22 9am-3pm


 *  3 lb. Bag Clementine $4.00/bag  *

*  2 Ripe Bananas $0.30/lb.  *

*  Red or Sweet Onion (choice of 2) $1.00/lb. *

*  Eggs $3.00/dozen  *


Weekly Specials are free for subsidized customers.

Subsidized price cannot be combined with Weekly Special price. 


Marketplace Produce

8 oz. Baby Bella Mushrooms $2.75

Broccoli Bunch $3.25

Red Peppers $0.75/lb.

4 count bag Rainbow Peppers $4.00

1 Pint Cherry Tomatoes $2.50

6 oz. bag Radishes $1.00

1 lb. bag Baby Carrots $1.25

Cucumber $1.75

Celery Sleeve $2.00

Hydroponic Lettuce Head $3.25

Acorn Squash $1.75/lb.

Beets $1.00/lb.

Sweet Potatoes $1.00/lb. 

5 lb. bag Russet Potatoes $4.00 

Red Onions $1.00/lb. *Weekly Special Price*

Sweet Yellow Onions $1.00/lb. *Weekly Special Price*

Yellow Bananas $0.30/lb. *Weekly Special Price*

Pineapple $3.50

Sunkist Oranges $1.00

Red Grapefruit $1.00

Mango $1.50

3 lb. bag Clementine $4.00 *Weekly Special Price*

TLV Farm - Glenelg, MD

Stonehouse Bakery w/ TLV Turkey Pot Pie $21.00

Stonehouse Bakery w/ TLV Turkey Corn Chowder $10.00

Stonehouse Bakery w/ TLV Turkey Mac & Cheese $9.00

Stonehouse Bakery w/ TLV Turkey Dinner $22.00

Dozen Large Eggs $3.00 *Weekly Special Price*

Dozen XL Eggs $4.50

Pork Bacon $10.00 pack SOLD OUT

Roaster Chickens $4.50/lb.

Beef Short Ribs $7.00/lb.

Beef Sirloin Steak $14.00/lb.

 Beef Tri Tip $13.50/lb.

Beef Top Round Roast $7.00/lb.

Beef Eye Round Roast $8.00/lb.

Beef Bottom Round Roast $6.50/lb.

Beef Rump Roast $7.50/lb.

Beef Brisket $10.50/lb.

Beef Chuck Roast $6.50/lb.

Beef Hamburger Patties $8.50/lb. SOLD OUT

Ground Beef $6.00/lb.

Ground Turkey $5.00/lb.

Stoney Point Farm Market - Littlestown, PA

Mild Italian Pork Sausage Links $5.50/lb.

Pork Cubes $5.00/lb.

Pork Chops $6.00/lb.

Beef Cubes $7.00/lb.

Chicken Breast $6.50/lb.

Chicken Cubes $6.50/lb.

Ground Chicken $6.00/lb.

 Hensing's Hilltop Acres - Woodbine, MD

Ground/Links/Patties Pork Sausage - Breakfast or Classic, Chorizo, Garlic Bratwurst, Hot Italian, Mild Italian, Sweet Italian - all $9.00/lb.
Pork Butt $8.00/lb.
Ground Pork $8.00/lb.

8775 Cloudleap Court, Suite 2

Columbia, MD 21045

Located in the Long Reach Village Center across from the center courtyard next to the Stonehouse Community Center.

Marketplace Store Hours:

Tuesday 1:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Thursday 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Saturday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm