Why Roving Radish?

Promote Healthy Eating

Promote farm to table healthy eating habits in our community by providing affordable meal kits.

Support Local Farms

Supporting our local farms by creating sustainable new markets to help them grow and continue farming in our community.

Connecting Our Community

Connecting our community in a common effort to support local farmers and supply healthy meals to our residents, especially those in need.

What's the Roving Radish?

The Howard County’s Roving Radish promotes healthy eating habits through meal kits comprised of locally and regionally grown foods straight from the farm to your table. The meal kits are available to anyone who works, plays or lives in Howard County and are offered at a discounted price to those in need.

How it Works

No Commitment. Order Only When You Want To!


Setup an account or log into your existing account.


Choose between a Meat Meal Kit with meat proteins or a Veggie Meal Kit or both.


Pickup your weekly meal kit for two dinners for a family of four.


Cook your dinner with provided ingredients and recipe, it's that simple!